My Documentaries

As a producer at Stolen Time Films, I’ve worked with director Jan Diederen on two feature-length documentaries, and we are currently developing a third.

Be Wise (in development)
Be Wise portrays a small, international community of wisdom researchers, showing how their practical and crucial insights could and should be applied for the greater good. The film is currently in development with funding from the Dutch Film Fund.

Synchronicity (2013)
A sensitive portrayal of French quantum physicist François Martin and his relationship with synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence.  Martin’s gradual unpacking of the underlying interconnectedness between things, is interspersed with reconstructions of several fascinating instances of synchronicity, creating a film which invites viewers to open themselves up to the unexpected.

Click here to view the trailer. 

Mr. Rakowski (2007)
An intimate look at the tormented relationship between a 91-year old Holocaust survivor and his son, now a successful middle-aged American businessman as they reach a long-delayed reconciliation. Accessible to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike, the film gives unprecedented access to the trauma that lives on in survivors long after WWII and the emotional problems they have with their children.

Click here to view the trailer.

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